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Make Your Garden Your Home

Garden guide with tips and instructions: A garden, whether large or small, pleases very many people and has become increasingly popular in recent years. Thus, the own garden has become for many a place of relaxation and recreation and equally a piece of quality of life.

For All of Your Gardening Needs

Gardening itself is not only good for the soul but also has a positive impact on your own health.

Garden Design

Of course, major and minor work has to be done in your own garden on a regular basis. The garden guide helps to facilitate the garden work and is also available with advice and assistance around the garden. 

Garden Maintenance

The own garden offers besides the rest and relaxation also big and small work, which must be done regularly. Precisely for this purpose, the garden guide wants to help every amateur gardener with helpful information, with helpful advice and with a variety of useful gardening tips. The work that needs to be done in the garden must not only be done, but for most of the necessary work there is also the right time.

Trimming & Cleanup

If you miss this, it can happen that plants do not bloom or the fruit or vegetable harvest is sparser than expected. The garden guide helps to find the right time for sowing or pruning for all plants and also helps with understandable garden tips to make the work in the garden as beautiful and also successful as possible.

Landscape Services

Advisor garden for everyday life: With good planning in the garden, with good gardening tools as well as with an optimal garden design, you can not only relieve the burden of gardening but also do not have to spend most of the time in the garden with more or less like to do.

We’ve been creating high quality home & commercial gardens since 2005

In this way, there is more time in the garden to enjoy the oasis of well-being that you have created yourself and to be able to experience nature up close there. Here, too, the garden guide is helpful and it is easier to create a plan with which one is better organized in the gardening. Likewise, one can find the optimal gardening tools for soil cultivation and tips for watering with a system. Of course, helpful tips for weed control in the garden can not be missing and so you can find this of course also advice to be able to beat the weeds a snip.

Backyard Cactus Garden

Leisure Garden

Tropical Rainforest Garden

Home Garden Design

With a garden design, you can turn creative ideas into a homely ambience. Professional garden planning is becoming more and more popular. With the help of a design plan, all your design wishes in your garden should be taken into account. A landscaper can help you create such a plan to best conceptualize your ideas with local conditions.

Maintenance & Upkeep

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Quality Gardening & Maintenance Services

To bring horticulture and planting in harmony with each other, there are some requirements – both technical and natural. Among the technical tools that you usually need for a complete garden design besides a Cordless Leaf Blower certainly:


  • Lawn mower (automated lawn trimmer).
  • hedge trimmer (electronic hedge trimmer)
  • Leaf vacuum cleaner
  • spades and shovels
  • Rake
  • Ladder
  • Tools (cords, wires, screws, wood, stones)
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Making organic fertilizer from nettles

Making organic fertilizer from nettles

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Propagate garden plants in summer with cuttings

Propagate garden plants in summer with cuttings

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Collect rainwater and water the garden

Collect rainwater and water the garden

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